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Vaping: A National Health Emergency

Here's a confident prediction: a few years from now, we'll look back and wonder what on earth we were doing when we didn't do enough to stamp out the Great Vaping Epidemic of The 2020s.

Here's the situation right now, in five key points:

1) Vapes with tobacco are only legally available with a doctor's prescription;

2) There is a huge unregulated, illegal black market that may not declare that they contain nicotine, but which do;

3) Young people are taking up vaping, often in the mistaken belief that it's good way to avoid and quit smoking;

4) Because vaping is a new and largely unregulated phenomenon, the longterm effects are not yet clear. However, it's virtually certain that vaping with nicotine is really, really bad for you, and isn't a good way to quit cigarettes;

5) Vaping is no less addictive than cigarettes, and, if what's going on in schools is any guide, may be more so.

I'm seeing an increase in people, particularly young people, trying desperately to quit vaping. The very things that make it attractive - its convenience, the pleasant taste and smell, the supposed health benefits compared to cigarettes - are what make it so difficult to stop.

Last night I saw another year 12 vaper for the third and final time, who told me stopping with hypnotherapy had been easier than they'd been expecting. Note: it's easier, it's not necessarily easy. But it's definitely worth it, and the sooner you do it, the easier it is.

Let me leave you with a thought. If I could show you the vape that was going to cause you really, really serious health damage, you'd avoid it, wouldn't you? Well I can: it's the next one. Take action, book in for a ten minute free consultation on how this works.

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