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Build Your Mental Wealth In Five Minutes #1: Get Out!

A series of short practical ideas to build your 'Mental Wealth'

The single best and easiest thing you can do today for your 'Mental Wealth' is just to get outside in the open air. It really is as simplese as that. If you work at home or even in an office, when you get a break just head outside and get some sun on your skin. Twenty minutes is better than five, and five is better than none.

Research study after research study has shown that there's an association between nature exposure and improvements in:

  • How well your brain works;

  • Your vascular and heart health;

  • Your mental health, including lower levels of depression and anxiety;

  • Your physical activity, and

  • Your sleep.

And that's all you need to know. You wouldn't go through a day without food and liquids: nor should you let a day go by without at least standing outside. Have you had your time outside today?

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