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Does this sound like you?
Vaping/Smoking - Weight Loss - Fear of Flying - Procrastination - Exam Nerves - Fear of Needles - Anxiety

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Alex was drinking TEN cups of coffee every day, each one with THREE spoons of sugar! He decided it was time to make a change. Click on the button below to find out how he went... You'll be inspired!


Marcel was vaping... until he had Clinical Hypnotherapy with me. Click on the button below to see how it worked out for him...

Oh, and if cigarettes are your thing rather than vaping, listen to Roslynne describing her experience.

Couples Therapy
Sad on Couch


These are Google reviews from others who've come to see me.

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Angela (not her real name: not her in the photo) said she was constantly worrying about her health, checking her pulse many times every day and being very aware of her heartbeat. We had three sessions, at the end of which she was free of her health anxiety. She said the sessions had literally changed her life.

Of course, not everyone can get results quite this fast with Clinical Hypnotherapy, but you can certainly expect to see improvement within the first few sessions.

Students Taking Exams
Woman in Red


Lucy (not her real name) found that she was spending the last half-hour of her exams agonising over what she'd already written, losing an opportunity to use this time productively. With just a few days to go to her first exam, we had to work fast. Together we developed appropriate techniques for getting that well-intentioned but unhelpful hyper-critical part of her to take back a seat until it was time to put the pen down


Stacey (not her real name, and that's not her in the picture) felt stuck, in a rut. She knew what she wanted to do, but instead of actually getting on and doing it, she found herself getting home from work and just slumping in front of the TV. She told me she must be 'lazy' - a word procrastinators often use to describe themselves, and very rarely true. Together we got to the bottom of what was really going on, and why Stacey felt scared to make a big move in her life. We also came up with a simple, practical, prioritised plan for getting going. And then... she did! She surprised herself (but not me) with her new energy and focus, and really started to take the first big steps in her new direction.

Image by Ben Mullins
Giving a Speech


David (not his real name) found himself getting physically tight approaching and during exams - clenched jaw, tight shoulders, even difficulty breathing. Just a few sessions proved enough to help him relax in body and mind, so he could concentrate on giving his best performance


Anne (not her real name, and that's not her in the picture) had a major public speaking engagement that was to be assessed by an overseas auditor. After three sessions Anne reported that the event had gone exceptionally well, that she'd felt in control throughout - and had even been able to enjoy the experience!

Most of us are thrown unprepared into our first encounter with public speaking, perhaps at school, and emerge traumatised and convinced that we're not good at it. Yet with a combination of skills- and confidence-building, almost everyone can deliver a fine performance.

If you'd like to book in, go to the booking page; and if you're not yet ready, then by all means give me a call on 0423 793887 and we can talk about what's involved for you.



Mel (not her real name) wasn't happy with feeling the need to drink most evenings. Together over just a few sessions we devised her new rules (no alcohol at home during the week) and built up her confidence in her ability to stick to her new regime. Mel was delighted to discover that she was able to keep to her new, healthier way of being, and felt so much better for it.


Jacob (not his real name) is 16 years old and found himself feeling physically sick and frightened when he flew. Faced with a flight across the world, he came to see me. After two sessions and armed with a recording, he took his flight - and found it a completely different experience. He was relaxed, comfortable... and even able to watch the inflight entertainment and eat the plane food!

Nurse And Patient
Stressed Man


Miranda (not her real name) had a nasty experience visiting a relative in hospital and had fainted. She came to see me just a couple of days before a hospital procedure she was really concerned about. To her surprise she found herself feeling in control, able to make her wishes known and experiencing a real sense of calm. In her second and final session we expanded that sense of calm and control to apply in the future to other hospital trips, whether for herself or visiting others.


Gavin (not his real name) was having severe regular headaches. He'd had every kind of test and there didn't seem to be any medical reason for them. Together we worked on the things in his life he found stressful and how he responded to them, and over half a dozen sessions he found that he was able to take control over the headaches, have them less often and be less severe when they came. Importantly, he recognised that they were signals that he needed to notice and pay attention to.

Business Man
Mature Woman


David (not his real name and that's not him in the photo) is 52 and had a painful and bitter end to his previous senior job. Not surprisingly, his confidence and pride had taken a major hit. Over four visits his confidence began to return and he found, when he got another job, he was working hard and loving it. In addition he developed new coping skills for handling situations like ones he had previously found stressful.


Joan (not her real name, and that's not her in the photo) has smoked all her life and tried to give up more than once. She even stopped for six months, but found herself so irritable and unpleasant that she gave up giving up. Finally she decided to try Clinical Hypnotherapy - and it worked! She says her family and friends are amazed, not only that she has succeeded but that she's not a miseryguts!

Young Basketball Player
Portrait of a Young Model


Dale (not his real name and that's not him in the photo) was determined to stop smoking. He's had family members suffer the health impacts of smoking, and it was interfering with his ability to play sport - not to mention, of course, the increasing cost. He was surprised at the feelings that accompanied him tearing up cigarette after cigarette into a bin during his first session... and when he came back a fortnight later, he came back as a non-smoker. It wasn't the easiest thing he's ever done, but it sure feels good. And he knows it's permanent: there is no way he'll be going back to that terrible habit. Well done Dale!


Brittany (not her real name, and that's not her in the photo) is 25 and found herself binge eating on chocolate and potato chips when she got home from work. It seemed to be getting worse. After a short series of sessions, she had become much more mindful in her general eating, and while she could still choose to have a treat occasionally, she was no longer gorging mindlessly. She wasn't dieting - in the vast majority of cases, diets don't work - but she had modified her behaviour

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