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As a Clinical Hypnotherapist or as someone in training to become one, Supervision is a vital part of the development and maintenance of your clinical practice.

In fact, if you are registered with a national professional Hypnotherapy Association, then supervision is a requirement – and for a very good reason, because Supervision helps you to ensure that you are offering effective and ethically-sound therapy for your clients, demonstrates your continuing commitment to your craft and gives you the support to maintain professional ethics, legal boundaries and the best therapy you can offer.

Steve offers group Supervision and 1-on-1 sessions in person or by phone. 

If you'd like to chat with Steve about how Supervision works, book a free phone chat with him.

Steve is an accredited Supervisor with the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association.

hypnotherapist supervision


A simple definition: it’s the provision by a more experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist of a supportive and challenging environment to empower you to grow and develop professionally in a legal and ethical way, to review your work practices with clients.

Being a Clinical Hypnotherapist can be a pretty lonely business at times. Even though you are constantly spending time with your clients, you of course never discuss them with anyone else and you may find that you start to find things getting on top of you. That’s where Supervision can be so helpful: to have someone you can talk to, openly and honestly, knowing that they share your commitment to confidentiality and that they have a real sense of what it’s like. They’ve ‘been there and done that’ themselves!

You can expect to discuss your legal, ethical, privacy and professional conduct; how you can continue to develop new skills and your professional development; and how you can improve your ability to self-reflect, act with self-awareness and maintain self-care.

That definition back there, you’ll have noticed, included the phrase ‘supportive and challenging’: you can expect your Supervisor to challenge your practices – in a supportive way! – to help you consider alternative approaches, and the legal and ethical implications of how you are conducting your practice. It’s vitally important that you have that supportive-yet-challenging, challenging-yet-supportive partnership with your Supervisor. It’s how you grow… and how you keep yourself safe.


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