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Time to Quit Vaping

It really is time to stop!

Vaping is everywhere you look - and particularly among young people.

Some take it up hoping to give up cigarettes - and then find themselves just as hooked on e-cigarettes as they ever were on the 'real' thing. There's no real body of evidence to support the notion that it's a good way to stop smoking, and some evidence that it can contribute to ex-smokers relapsing.

Others take it up because it's easy, clean and fun... and then find themselves taking a quick drag up to a hundred times a day, and can't stop.

Never mind the fact that it's illegal, nor that it's expensive, nor even that it's anti-social (I don't like being around smoke that's been inside someone else's body, and while you're out there on the pavement having a vape you're not inside with your friends). Forget all that. It's the damage it's doing to your health you need to be concerned about. Not surprisingly, there aren't long term studies of the effects of vaping, particularly on young lungs. And you really don't know what's in them, do you?

Well, I'm assuming you're with me here. Otherwise why are you reading this? If you've decided you don't like being hooked and don't like how it feels, then Hypnotherapy is safe, fast and effective. I've been helping cigarette smokers stop for nearly 15 years now, and vaping to me is just another form of smoking. In some ways it's more addictive, because it's so convenient. So the sooner you quit, the better.

Book in for a free phone consultation to see if you're a suitable candidate for Hypnotherapy to stop vaping for good - click here. Let's get started!

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