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So what's it like, exactly, doing hypnotherapy?

A quick post this time. Two reviews from the past few days that may give you some idea of what to expect...

"We asked for Steve's help in tackling my teenage son's anxiety and fear of injections. Steve was recommended to us but I wasn't convinced he would be able to help. After the first session, my son started sleeping better and his anxiety levels were noticeably lower. He was due an injection after the second session and the results were incredible. He approached the lead up to his appointment calmly and was able to use techniques that Steve had suggested to manage the situation with minimal fear and without any of the usual physical side effects. Having injections are unlikely to ever be his favourite experience but I'm now hopeful that future appointments will no longer be the traumatic events that they have been in the past. I am so impressed by what Steve managed to achieve so quickly and am very thankful for his help." - Emma Bell

"I came to see Steve for hypnotherapy, after dealing with decades of anxiety which was taking over my life and my everyday functioning. My anxiety lead to an overactive bladder - the constant need to find a restroom to pee and it was taking over my thoughts, where I could travel to, how long I was going to be out, if I was going to be stuck in traffic etc. In our first session, he made me feel very much at ease as he let me talk about my issues surrounding my anxiety, and how my anxiety was affecting me in day to day life - dealing with agrophobia and panic attacks and this resulting in debilitating spirals of anxiety. He was always patient and understanding during our sessions. I didn't think much was happening at first, but I started to notice that I was finding the urge to pee less frequently. I defintely noticed I wasn't needing to go as much at night. He was helping me to desensitize the sensations surrounding the urges to go, even when I had just gone. In the past I would be in constant cycle of feeling like I needed to go, even if I just went. The sessions with Steve have helped to quiet my mind and thoughts. I don't feel the panic as much as I used to. The other day, I drove 45 mins from home and in traffic!! And I didn't feel the normal sensations and panic I would of normally had. This is a bit of breakthrough. I feel a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I can live a little more now. I'm still a work in progress, but I listen to the recordings pretty much every night and I am also sleeping better too. Thankyou for opening my eyes (and mind! :) ) to hypnotherapy Steve! Keep in touch! :)" - Elizabeth Anderton

Thank you so much to both Emma and Elizabeth for their reviews.

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