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Smoking is HORRIBLE for your health


"I always say to patients that of all the medications I can give them, of all the procedures I can do to them, the one thing that's going to make a change and impact their health more than anything else is them giving up the cigarettes."

- Professor Nicolas Cox, Director of Cardiology, Western Health, Victoria

Look, let's not beat around the bush. Smoking is bad for you. Smoking is VERY, VERY bad for you.

On top of everything else, research reveals that within 10 minutes of inhaling cigarette smoke, your blood becomes sticky and constricts the artery walls. The sticky blood makes it tougher for the heart to pump blood around the body and increases blood clots. The deadly cocktail of these two issues can lead to a catastrophic heart attack.

But you know what? Almost as soon as you stop, your body starts to recover. And smokers tell me how much easier they can breathe, and what a relief it is to have sweet-smelling breath and clothes that smell good. And that's even before we get onto the sticky blood...

Book a free call now and I'll explain how Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you stop, as so many others have done. Give yourself the best present ever! Or perhaps just get straight to it and book your session. Let's go!

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