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Smokers, Vapers: Bad News... And Good

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

If you've noticed stories in the news recently about illegal vape imports getting intercepted, it's no accident. The government is on the warpath against vaping and smoking, and they want you to know about it.

Expect action from the government that makes smoking and vaping more expensive. "Australia has been a leader in public health measures to discourage smoking," says the Health Minister Mark Butler, "but after a decade of inaction, the gains of Labor’s world leading plain packaging laws have been squandered." And he plans to turn that around.

That's bad news for smokers and vapers, as if there weren't already enough bad news. So here's some good news: you can stop! You really can. You may not believe you can, or you may believe that because you've stopped before and then started up again you have an 'addictive personality' (you almost certainly don't, if you've stopped).

But you know what? You're still reading, and that shows me and I hope shows you too that you want to stop, for all the reasons you already know. Here's my question: if you could stop, would you?

If your answer's yes, then I'd like you to watch this short video from a recent client, Marcel, or listen to this short audio from Roslynne. When you've done that, book in for a free, no commitment 10 minute phone consult so we can see whether Hypnotherapy would be appropriate for you, and I can tell you how it works.

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