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How do I relieve my anxiety?

Anxiety is that voice blaring in your ear that you can't get rid of - it's like someone blowing a trumpet!

But hang on a sec. Is it about the future, about what could happen, what may happen, what will happen... but isn't happening yet? And even if you're in a difficult situation right now, does it help you right now to be thinking about it?

No, it doesn't. So anything - anything - you enjoy doing that gets you out of that preoccupation, that rumination, is really worth making sure you get to do, even if you don't always feel like it.

And what might that be? It might be playing a musical instrument (nothing like blowing your own trumpet!), or exercising - running a marathon or walking the dog or going to the gym or lifting weights or boxing or yoga - or reading or watching movies or playing videogames or spending time with friends or doing your jigsaw puzzle or helping out or meditating or vacuuming or gardening or taking photos or watching the sunset or volunteering or dancing or singing along to your favourite music or trainspotting or fishing or watching the footy or cooking your favourite recipe or playing with the kids or listening to the radio or feeding the ducks or flying a drone or going to house inspections or getting your nails done or writing - a diary, a novel, fan fiction, a play - or... well, you get the picture. (What did I miss? Loads, I bet.)

This is so much more 'just a hobby'! It's about having fun, putting aside your cares for just a little while and getting that anxiety to pipe down for a bit. And don't EVER let anyone tell you it's silly or not important. Nothing could be more important!

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