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If your head is getting between your club and the ball, give me a call. Fact: no leading golfer in the world has got there without working on the mental side of their game. Rather than buying yet another whizzbang driver or putter, invest in your head. As they say, golf is a game of inches - the inches between your ears!

Do you know what you need to work on?

Golfers can experience difficulties in the mental side of their game in four ways:

- The yips: a nervous affliction in which the golfer putting cannot make short putts due to the inability to create a smooth putting stroke

- Anger: the inability to cope with a poor or unlucky shot

- Brooding: getting put off your game by a bad shot that ruins the rest of your round

- Intrusive thoughts: lack of confidence, repetitive images or thoughts, the inability to focus.

The solution depends upon not just which of these four elements you're struggling with, but the precise details of your difficulty. When? (In competition only? Under pressure? When you're ahead, or when you're behind?) Where? (Is it venue-specific? Is it a certain type of course or hole?) Your game, like you, is unique, and no one-size-fits-all approach is going to work as well as one tailored for you.

Does it work?

Yes, it works. In fact, think about the last big improvement you had in your game. It probably was that big new driver you bought, which added maybe 20 metres to your game. And then... well, perhaps you've found you've drifted back to where you were. And you know what? It was never your driver! It was all about how your driver made you feel. So imagine what might happen if you felt that good, that enthusiastic, that optimistic, every time you played. What would that be worth in strokes to your game?

How does it work?

As with any skill - and mental sharpness is just like anything else - you need firstly to identify the skill that's needed; secondly, to experience it for yourself and see the difference it can make; and thirdly, to bake it into your game so it becomes second nature.

Good news: this can all be done in three sessions, and the results will stay with you for as long as you play.

Still sceptical?

Good! Scepticism is a sign of intelligence. Give me a call on 0423 793887 and we can chat.



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