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How can Hypnotherapy help me increase my self-esteem?

A surprising number of my clients have very low self-esteem, though you wouldn’t know it just from meeting them: they cover it well. Get them to open up and tell you what’s really going on inside, though, and pretty soon it all spills out. They don’t feel good enough, or they don’t deserve good things to happen in their lives, or they aren’t pretty enough or rich enough or smart enough… Sound familiar at all?

It’s hardly surprising that we can feel this way, when the whole world around us is designed to make us feel inadequate, so that we can try to make up for it by buying our way to success – buying that faster car, that bigger house, that private school education for the kids, that dress, that smartphone… It never works, of course, at least not for long – otherwise we’d all have bought our way to self-esteem long ago!

Now try and change someone’s (or indeed your own) self-esteem by arguing them into it and you’ll very rapidly realise you’re wasting your breath and your time. It. Just. Won’t. Work. However, by getting your client into that deeply relaxed state so that the mind daydreams and there’s the opportunity to make suggestions that the subconscious can pick up on, and you can find that you can make a real difference.

This process takes time, of course: you don’t overcome years or decades of programming in a few minutes. But the point is that it can be done, with a fair bit of work from both the client and the Hypnotherapist.

Maybe it’s time to give it a try? Why not book in for a free phone appointment to discuss how Clinical Hypnotherapy can play its part in getting you the self-esteem that will enable you to really enjoy life?


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