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Want to Change? Here's One Golden Rule That Will Save You A Heap of Time

A lady rang me this morning to ask how much a session costs for smoking ($160). And how much for weight loss? ($160.) How many sessions for smoking? (Can't say, but likely three or two.) And how many for weight loss? (Can't say, but probably more.) 'May I say something?' I intervened at this point: 'May I make a suggestion?'

My suggestion was this: pick one.

That's it. That's the golden rule. Pick one. If you are trying to work on stopping smoking and weight loss at the same time, chances are you'll end up achieving neither. That, after all, is why people generally don't succeed at new year's resolutions - what chance you'll be able to go to the gym AND stop smoking AND eat healthier AND cut back on the drinking AND learn French?

Pick one. Then get started...

That lady picked one, and has her first appointment.

If you'd like to book yours ($160) or have a phone chat ($0), go to the booking page on this website and let's get going.



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