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How to search for meaning in your life

Here’s the good news: you’ve already taken your first steps along the way. Most people never get this far, so you’re already on the right track and ahead of the crowd.

Think about your new search for meaning as a journey. Your journey doesn’t begin when you step on the plane or into the car, but when you first start thinking and planning your journey. It’s an essential step, and without it no journey can happen.

Reflect for a moment on what this means. Let’s assume that from this point to the discovery of your meaning there is an unbroken series of steps – it may be five, it may be 50, it may be 5,000. The number of steps doesn’t matter right now.

What is important is that you are now on the way. You have chosen to get started, and as a result you have actually already taken the first steps.

Of course, just as every journey, like every story, has a beginning, so too it has a middle. That’s the part that you’re in, right now.

What this means: You’re on your way! Enjoy this journey…

Now you might like to watch the video below. In it I talk further about searching for meaning in your life. I discuss two things that don't work: 'Be yourself' and 'Find your motivation' - two terrible bits of advice! And more positively, I also suggest three things that really do help. Hope you find it helpful...

And if you'd like me to send you the ebook, just click here. If you'd like to listen to the audio that's mentioned at the end of the video, just email me.

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What this means: You’re on your way! Enjoy this journey…


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