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What's stopping you? The elephant in the room

I saw a client for the third and final time the other day. As he was leaving, he said, 'I think this will help me in my life in so many ways.' He'd done something which was a big thing for him. It wasn't easy, but he'd done it.

You know how sometimes things seem to go in waves? If you're having a bad day, sometimes it just seems to get worse? And if you wake up feeling full of energy and looking forward to the day, it just seems to set you up for a good day? I think that's what he was getting at. He'd identified something he wanted to work on; he'd been big enough and brave enough to admit that he needed some help; he'd taken action and actually gone and got that help; and it had paid off!

In this client's case, it was stopping smoking. But it could have been overcoming a phobia about public speaking or getting an injection, or about procrastination or low self-esteem or impostor syndrome... doesn't matter what the thing is. I often get the sense from clients that tackling a biggie leads to growth and change in other parts of their life, too. It's like they're thinking, 'Well if I can do THAT, then what ELSE could I do?'

It's that old saying about how you eat an elephant, isn't it? One piece at a time is how you do it, they say. We've all got a bunch of stuff going on in our lives, and it can be overwhelming to think about changing all the things we'd like to. So instead, pick one. (Sometimes clients come to me saying they want to stop smoking, cut down on their drinking, get fit and stop procrastinating. 'Pick one,' I reply!)

What if your question is, 'Which one do I pick?'? What if the answer doesn't seem obvious? Then try doing it this way: if you did know which one to pick, which one would it be? You are the expert at you, and you've probably got a good sense of where it's best to start. And if you STILL can't choose - then it doesn't matter. Pick any one, and start there.

When you do that, and make progress, you start to remember that you do have good points, that you can and you have been able to make change in your life.

You've got this. Let's go!

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