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Modern life is making women more anxious, depressed

The latest Australian Women’s Health Survey, the fourth, shows that seven out of ten women in this country feel nervous, anxious or on edge nearly every day, or on more than seven days in the past four weeks, and that 46% have been diagnosed with clinical depression or anxiety – up substantially from last year, when the figure was 40%.

On the face of it, this is surprising. In many ways things have never been better. While there is still a long way to go for full equality, the situation has improved. And materially Australians are well off compared to much of the rest of the world (in terms of GDP per head, Australia is third, only behind the Norwegians and the Swiss). Yet evidently there is much about life in the 21st century that is stressful and anxiety-inducing, and can lead to depression.

Here is a link to an excellent presentation by a real expert talking about the causes and prevention of depression – and while pharmaceuticals may have a part to play, it’s only a part.

One of the ways of helping is to see someone, whether it’s a counsellor or a therapist, or a Clinical Hypnotherapist. It can make a real difference.

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