Let's use this time wisely!

Perhaps you want to stop smoking? What with one thing and another, there's never been a better time.

Or maybe these uncertain times are causing you increased anxiety or stress?

Or do you want to take the opportunity to improve your performance, whether improving your ability to study for exams, your sports performance or how you perform in the workplace?

Well, let's use this time wisely! Hypnotherapy works just as well online, either by phone or by video (I use Zoom, but we can use Skype or whatever works for you). 

Book a phone chat - it's free and there's no commitment - and we can talk about what you'd like to work on.

Who am I? I'm Dr Steve Carey, DipHyp, HCARH, PhD. an experienced Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.

Would you like to know how hypnosis can help? Read this and it'll help.



Did you know that millions of people have used Clinical Hypnosis to quit smoking?

It's fast and it's effective. Find out how it works here

THEN BOOK NOW and change your life forever - you'll be so proud you did!


The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia is the peak body for the profession. 

To list on the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia National Register, Hypnotherapists must belong to a recognised HCA member professional hypnotherapy association.  To gain that association membership, the Hypnotherapist must have verifiable qualifications and training equal to or beyond the HCA and the association’s standards, and they must continue to meet all required standards for ethical practice, supervision and ongoing professional development.

The qualified hypnotherapists listed on the HCA National Register are recognised as HCA Registered Hypnotherapists.  They can be
easily identified by their use of the initials “HCARH” and HCA Registered Hypnotherapists logo, differentiating them from those practitioners who work outside of this professional recognition.


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Phone: 0423 793 887

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Contagious Enthusiasm

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